BGP Default-Originate insights

BGP has multiple ways of advertising a default route to its neighbors;  the neighbor default-originate command is one of these methods and used to advertise a default route to a specific neighbor. Below are some characteristics of the default route advertised by this way.

Originator router:

  • Default route does not need to be existing in the routing or BGP table before advertising.
  • The default route will not be installed in the BGP table as local.
  • The default does not appear in the output of the command show of the advertised routes.
  • The route can not be filtered outbound by the originator.
  • The default route can be sent to both IBGP and EBGP neighbors.
  • The advertisement can be conditional using the route-map keyword.

Receiver router:

  • The default route is installed in the BGP table with the originator's IP as the next hop.
  • The default route can be filtered inbound.
  • Normal route is advertisement rules apply to the route in the BGP table.
  • Normal route reflection rules apply to the default route.

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