Online Networking Tools

Simple useful network tools for everyday work

A variety of networking tools available online to make daily work easier and more efficeint. Updated regularly ..

This is an awesome tool that can be used to calculate packet encapsulation overhead for a variety of protocols, get an idea of what MTU and MSS values should be set to. Visually !
Converts your typical JUNOS curly braces style configuration, into JUNOS set configuration standard on the fly. The output is similar to "show configuration | display set"
This tool can decrypt $9$ JUNOS passwords similar to Cisco type7 passwords. It does not work for hashed md5 type passwords. Decrypt JUNOS passwords online.
A quick reference for subnetting IPv4/6. If you feel lazy doing the calculations or still practicing this is cool sheet for you.
Three different VLSM/CIDR subnet calculators, that will cover all your subnetting needs. Can also be used as a practicing tool for CCNA or JNCIA exams to confirm your answers.
Multiple IP format converters. These tools Convert Dotted Decimal IP to HEX and binary representations and vice versa.
Just another Multipurpose lightweight MAC address generator for different purposes.
Convert between BGP 4-Byte ASN formats easily
Decode or reverse Cisco passwords type7 to plain text in one click
Convert IP decimal and Hexadecimal formats to binary format and vice versa in once click