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This is an awsome tool that can be used to calculate packet encapsulation overhead for a variety of protocols, correct MTU and MSS values. Visually !
Converts your typical JUNOS braces style configuration, into JUNOS set standard on the fly. The output is similar to "show configuration | display set"
This tool can decrypt $9$ JUNOS passwords similar to Cisco type7 passwords. It does not work for hashed md5 type passwords. It will help your memory
A quick reference for subnetting IPv4/6. If you feel lazy doing the calculations or still practicing this is cool sheet for you.
Three different VLSM/CIDR subnet calculators, that will cover all your subnetting needs. Can also be used as a practicing tool.
Multiple IP format converters. These tools Convert Dotted Decimal IP to HEX and binary and vice versa.
Just another Multipurpose lightweight MAC address generator.