WISB Free Telnet Tool

WISB is our first free application to the networkers community. The application is used to simplify mass configuration tasks on multiple devices, by automating the telnet connectivity and applying the configuration provided in the configuration files.

Currently it is supporting IOS devices only. After stabilizing this beta version we are going to support other devices and implement some other features.

some of the benefits you can get from such tool are:

  • Loading initial configuration/backup configuration files for your study Labs.
  • Apply configuration to a list of network devices at once. “i.e. change username/password, SNMP, logging configuration…etc.”. This is very useful in SP or Data centers environments.
  • Query a list of devices for specific information “i.e. any show command”.
  • Schedule any of the above functions or other regular tasks to run automatically without your manual intervention.
  • The program can also be used in other scripts or batch files to customize functionality.

You can download the beta version from here, please help us to improve the program by reporting any bugs or any enhancements ideas to [email protected]

You can find all the required information about this tool on the WISB tutorial page

Thanks for using and testing the tool, We hope it provides real benefits for all of you and finally again please don't hesitate to contact us for requesting any assistance in using WISB.

Wael Osama

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