What is: extended VLAN range?

Extended VLANs are VLANs within the range of 1006 to 4094. They are mainly used in service provider networks to allow the provisioning of number of customers. In order to configure an extended VLAN you have to follow the guideline below:

  • Extended VLANs are used just like normal VLANs; only different range.
  • Extended VLANs must be configured on Switches that are in VTP Transparent mode only.
  • Extended VLANs can not be configured using VLAN database mode (only configuration mode).
  • Extended VLANs are saved in the configuration file.


SW1(config)#vtp mod transparent
Setting device to VTP TRANSPARENT mode.
SW1(config)#vlan 2001  !-- example in range

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