It is time to make a CHANGE

One thing in life is not changing and that is that it is changing. We are networking guys; we know this better than anyone else, everyday we see a new technology coming or an old one diminishing. Somethings go and others come back.

Bear with me a little; take a moment to think of your daily life from the time you get up in the morning to the time you go back to your bed; think of your routine, actions, thoughts, people you meet, transportation, etc. When was the last time you made a change? Even a simple one?

Life is continuously changing around us smoothly and slowly.However, being busy with our daily lives we usually do not notice the change. We miss the turning points where the greatest profits are made and when we realize the change we figure out that the wave has advanced too much  and may be approaching its end. Nothing can clarify this concept in your mind like markets behavior and the business cycle.

Every day you feel that you need to make some changes here and there, but the problem is that little voice in your head.  It is always providing excuses "Just one more day, its not time to make a change, wait for a better time and you know those silly excuses we provide to ourselves" and this better time never comes. Do you know why?

Because NOW is the time to make this change. Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone. Of course there are right times to do certain things but they have to be defined you have to know them for yourself. Do not just say to yourself I will wait for the right time without knowing exactly What is the right time?

I believe that this period is a turning point. If you look carefully you can figure out that this is a turning point in the global economy, in technologies and this is a turning point in human thoughts and paradigms.

I will make that change and I will ride this cycle. May be I could may be I couldn't but at least I will try my best, What are you going to do?

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