The Forgotten skill of technical writing

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If you are reading my blog then you are related to networking one way or another, and if you are related to networking then most probably you write technical documents and this means this is for you.

In our daily lives as network engineers we involve in technical writing activities very often; we write emails, case resolution, tutorials, blog posts, technical documents and reports. We always strive for the best, enhance and polish our technical skills by reading, training or certifications. However we almost forget to develop this very important skill as we develop other skills, writing is a form of communication and sometimes it's all you have to express your ideas, being technically good does not make you a good technical writer or communicator.

I made some modest effort on this subject which I will be happy to share with you, I made a special report on this subject of technical writing which I hope you find useful and my aim is to bring your attention to this forgotten skill and add one tool to your tools.

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