STRACE Commands Cheat Sheet

Here is a cli commands cheat sheet for STRACE command, you can use this as a quick reminder for basic commands with a brief description for each of the commands.

What is STRACE command?

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        # To strace a command:

# To save the trace to a file:
strace -o  

# To follow only the open() system call:
strace -e trace=open 

# To follow all the system calls which open a file:
strace -e trace=file 

# To follow all the system calls associated with process management:
strace -e trace=process 

# To follow child processes as they are created:
strace -f 

# To count time, calls and errors for each system call:
strace -c 

# To trace a running process (multiple PIDs can be specified):
strace -p 

Check out the STRACE command documentation .

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