Measuring your SUCCESS

Try to ask five different persons about what success means to each of them and you will get at least five different answers. Try yourself Now: What is your definition of SUCCESS and do you consider yourself successful?.

For me, success is a feeling about one's status compared to some reference or metric; the metric can be a self imposed or an external one set by others or the environment. This can be a quantity of something, schedule, internal/external state, role model or anything else.

Now think deeply: Are you successful, and WHY?

Whether your answer to this question is YES or NO, I want you to think about the WHY part. Challenge your criteria, is it really yours, are you enjoying what you doing, do you feel pushed in a direction?. Many of the things we do, we just do for the sake of external factors, culture or environment conditions. Myself I do not like to be that person who is following the crowd blindly, I like to go my own way and have my own story without moving against the crowd also.

For example someone may say that he has to be a CCIE or JNCIE before the end of the next year (Schedule). He feels a success if he achieves his goal in time or a failure if he falls behind his schedule. The good question to ask here is WHY. Why do you want to be a CCIE/JNCIE and Why it has to be specific time?. Try this with your commitments to yourself and I promise you of good discoveries.

I want to say that whatever your criteria is you have to know that this is your own criteria, it comes from your perception of the world, beliefs, values or your self imposed schedule. Do not judge others by your criteria.

I also encourage you to  avoid comparing yourself to external imposed metrics or to someone's else criteria; this will affect you badly and put stress on you. I only compare myself to myself, my performance to my previous performance and my status to my previous status. Do not compare yourself to others, because in whatever metric you choose someone will be exceeding you and you will be exceeding someone, also conditions are never the same. Don't let others tell you that you are not successful if you believe you are, or if you are meeting your standards, and never let them impose their criteria into your life.

Do whatever you feel right according to your own standards and if you did, please feel successful in your own terms, whether others can see it or not. They will see it and they will respect you.

Success is within all of us, not in external conditions, Feel it now, ever and just BE YOURSELF.

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody". Bill Cosby

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