LSOF Commands Cheat Sheet

Here is a cli commands cheat sheet for LSOF command, you can use this as a quick reminder for basic commands with a brief description for each of the commands.

What is LSOF command?

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        # To list all IPv4 network files:
sudo lsof -i4

# To list all IPv6 network files:
sudo lsof -i6

# To list all open sockets:
lsof -i

# To list all listening ports:
lsof -Pnl +M -i4

# To find which program is using the port 80:
lsof -i TCP:80

# To list all connections to a specific host:
lsof [email protected]

# To list all processes accessing a particular file/directory:

# To list all files open for a particular user:
lsof -u 

# To list all files/network connections a command is using:
lsof -c 

# To list all files a process has open:
lsof -p 

# To list all files open mounted at /mount/point:
# (Particularly useful for finding which process(es) are using a mounted USB stick or CD/DVD.)
lsof +f -- 

Check out the LSOF command documentation .

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