Life Follows a Plan, but the Plan is not Yours !

70 days passed since I wrote my last post about IPv6 Addressing. Long time, however I didn't feel it. Maybe I even forgot what I was doing here or planning to do, those 70 days actually carried a lot of unplanned events.

My last post was on 24th of January and on 25th of Januaray it all started with protesters in Tahrir square asking for justice and equality for all the Egyptians, that was the begining and it ended by me now writing this post from Amsterdam, Netherlands where I currently work.

Those revolutionary days had a lot of lessons, challenges, emotions to all those who lived in Egypt within this period. I learned and changed a lot in so many ways,this revolution did not just change the history of Egypt, it also changed us the Egyptians and it may expand and change the world one day.

I don't really know whether the change is going to be for the better and I will not claim that tomorrow will be better than yesterday but I can certainly claim that tomorrow will be different than yesterday. Six months ago  I wrote a post titled It's time to make a change because I believed we are in a turning point in human history, the whole world is changing to something different than what it used to be, but I didn't know then that the change would be such fast and dramatic in my homeland Egypt.

Tunasia, Egypt then Libya and who knows what is next, all of this in addition to the earthquake in Japan and its consequnces. I was lucky for beening in Egypt during those 18 days from 25th of January 2011 to 11th of February 2011, for my own good I was there sharing all the Egyptians this transitional period, participating and writing a new history with them.

In such unrest conditions that interrupts your normal life, you start to notice things that you have never noticed before. I was really lucky to pass through this experince at least I will have stories to tell my children and grandchildren one day :)

But there  is couple of lessons I want to share with you here:

Live NOW, don't wait or delay your dreams. Do what you feel like NOW, its all you have.

Dare to face your deepest fears. This one only will give you the FREEDOM you deserve.

And finally the title of this post. Life follows some plan but this plan is not indeed your plan.

Now, I think I will be back gradually at least writing again about those technical stuff that I almost forget and many other issues very soon. Nice to meet you again :)

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