GZIP Commands Cheat Sheet

Here is a cli commands cheat sheet for GZIP command, you can use this as a quick reminder for basic commands with a brief description for each of the commands.

What is GZIP command?

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# To create a *.gz compressed file
gzip test.txt

# To create a *.gz compressed file to a specific location using -c option (standard out)
gzip -c test.txt > test_custom.txt.gz

# To uncompress a *.gz file
gzip -d test.txt.gz

# Display compression ratio of the compressed file using gzip -l
gzip -l *.gz

# Recursively compress all the files under a specified directory
gzip -r documents_directory

# To create a *.gz compressed file and keep the original
gzip < test.txt > test.txt.gz

Check out the GZIP command documentation .

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