Connected Routes Advertisment

What is considered as a connected route in the routing table ?

  • An interface is configured with an IP address and mask,the configured subnet is installed as connected in the routing table.
  • A static route is configured with only an outgoing interface, and not an IP next-hop.
!-- These routes are considered connected
ip route Serial1/1
ip route F0/0

How are these connected routes advertised ?

We have multiple options for advertising a connected route, listed as follows:

  • A network command configured that covers any connected network whether defined under the interface or in a static route pointing to the interface.
ip route serial1/1
!-- The static route will be advertised by the network statement below
router eigrp 10

  • Redistribute connected under any routing protocol.
  • Redistributing one routing protocol into another, by default the connected routes advertised by the redistributed protocol will be included.

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