Before you buy a Console Server

In my post about out of band management networks I mentioned console servers as a mean of providing centralized remote access to network devices collocated in the same site. This post is a complementary post for the previous one if you are planning to use a console server in your out of band management network. Below are 7 questions to ask before you buy a console server:

  1. What access methods does this console server support?     " Dial up, GSM, IP connectivity"
  2. How many serial console ports does the console server provide?    "No. of managed devices"
  3. How many Ethernet ports does it provide?    "if required"
  4. Does it provide DC or AC power management for your devices?    "if required"
  5. How is the console server managed and configured?
  6. What authentication methods does the console server provide?
  7. What security features and protocols does this console server provide?

Some devices provide a lot other features but I thought these are the main points you need to know about console server before you buy. Share your experience with us..

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