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Cicso Passwords tips

Almost all passwords and other authentication strings in Cisco IOS configuration files are encrypted using the weak, reversible scheme used for user passwords. To determine which scheme has been used to encrypt a specific password, check the digit preceding the encrypted string in the configuration file. If that digit is a 7, the password has been encrypted using the weak algorithm. If the digit is a 5, the password has been hashed using the stronger MD5 algorithm. For example, in the configuration command:

enable secret 5 $1$iUjJ$cDZ03KKGh7mHfX2RSbDqP.

The enable secret has been hashed with MD5, whereas in the command:

username jdoe password 7 07362E590E1B1C041B1E124C0A2F2E206832752E1A01134D

The password has been encrypted using the weak reversible algorithm in this tool.

What is a Type 5 password?

Type 5 is how you should configure your passwords, they are simply HASHED and not encrypted therefore are not reversible like type 7 passwords. It's a best practice to examine all your configuration files to make sure that you are using type5 passwords and not type7 passwords.