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How-to:Configure RIP route summarization

In the following example I am going to show you how to configure route summarization under RIP using two methods. Our topology is shown below: R1 routing table before implementing summarization: R1(config-router)#do sh ip route rip is subnetted, 4 subnets R [120/1] via, 00:00:02, Serial1/0 R …

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Passive-interface command behavior in RIP, EIGRP & OSPF

Passive-interface command is used in all routing protocols to disable sending updates out from a specific interface. However the command behavior varies from o­ne protocol to another. In RIP this command will disable sending multicast updates via a specific interface but will allow listening to incoming updates from other RIP …

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Automatic summarization in RIP and EIGRP

Summarization in RIP and EIGRP can be configured manually using the ip summary-address command or automatically using auto-summary command. when auto summarization is in effect routers behave as shown in the steps below: Subnets are summarized to their classful boundary before being sent to neighbors if they are not part …

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