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Why BGP?

This question is mostly repeated by newbies when they start learning about BGP and sometimes it is left unanswered clearly. In the simple dialogue below I will try to explain when BGP is mostly used and why? Can we connect two or more networks by an IGP? The answer is …

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BGP Route Reflector Basics

Everyone who ever studied BGP knows that BGP has strong rules to prevent routing and updates loops. In this post I will focus on iBGP loop prevention and specifically route reflectors as a result. The rule states: that any route received from an iBGP neighbor must not be advertised to any other …

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BGP 4-byte AS numbers

Today, we received an email from AfriNIC stating that starting from January 2009 they are going to assign 4 bytes AS numbers by default unless otherwise specified. They are asking providers to upgrade their routers to support the new format. I thought it may be nice to explore the story …

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