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BGP 4-Byte ASN

The internet growth is awesome, day by day people recognizes how  internet is important in their daily personal  and business life and even for their culture, so the internet has a good bit of newbie everyday which depleted some internet resources such as IPv4 address space and the BGP AS …

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BGP Security

BGP is a critical component of the internet, bring BGP down and you bring the internet down or at least large portions of the internet. The problem is that BGP is highly vulnerable to many types of attacks for its implementation. BGP runs over TCP on port 179 and inherits …

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Choosing PE-CE Routing protocol

When it comes to choosing your PE-CE routing protocol, Which one do you think is best? Choosing the PE-CE routing protocol for MPLS VPN  is an ongoing debate between back end network teams and those who have customer interface roles. They are always trying to satisfy the customer and we …

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BGP Routing Information Base (RIB)

BGP is an intimate friend for all service provider engineers. Without BGP there is no internet, there is no MPLS VPN and there are no many other things now and in the days to come. I believe its healthy to visit your friends from time to time and know how …

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BGP table analysis and statistics

For those of you who are interested in obtaining some useful information about the BGP table (Internet routing table), check out the following websites for some useful reports, analysis and statistics. Nice resources for daily work, research and planning. Play around: BGP Routing Table Analysis Reports. Check bgp4.as also for  …

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BGP Next-hop address tracking

In this post we are going slightly deep into BGP operation on the CISCO IOS. Lets start this by discussing the BGP scanner operation, then we can talk about the next-hop address tracking feature. For each route installed in the BGP table a next hop address must exist and this …

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