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What is a virtual template/access interface?

What is a virtual-template interface? A virtual-template interface is a logical entity that can be used to apply predefined interface configurations for virtual-access interfaces. Virtual template interfaces is configured independently of any physical interface and applied dynamically, as needed, to create virtual access interfaces. What is a virtual-access  interface? Virtual …

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Passive-interface command behavior in RIP, EIGRP & OSPF

Passive-interface command is used in all routing protocols to disable sending updates out from a specific interface. However the command behavior varies from o­ne protocol to another. In RIP this command will disable sending multicast updates via a specific interface but will allow listening to incoming updates from other RIP …

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CAR – Rate limit examples

CAR is a policing mechanism used to limit the transmission rate of some traffic flow. Cisco actually recommends using MQC policing for its modularity and features, but CAR is still used widely in most operational networks for its simplicity. CAR can be used whenever you need to place a limit …

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Automatic summarization in RIP and EIGRP

Summarization in RIP and EIGRP can be configured manually using the ip summary-address command or automatically using auto-summary command. when auto summarization is in effect routers behave as shown in the steps below: Subnets are summarized to their classful boundary before being sent to neighbors if they are not part …

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