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Wael Osama

Where have we been?

It has been about five moths now since I wrote my last post here. I am really sorry about that but we were too busy doing a lot of things which may provide a rich content for our posts on the next few months. Actually we were consumed preparing for …

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BGP Next-hop address tracking

In this post we are going slightly deep into BGP operation on the CISCO IOS. Lets start this by discussing the BGP scanner operation, then we can talk about the next-hop address tracking feature. For each route installed in the BGP table a next hop address must exist and this …

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Why BGP?

This question is mostly repeated by newbies when they start learning about BGP and sometimes it is left unanswered clearly. In the simple dialogue below I will try to explain when BGP is mostly used and why? Can we connect two or more networks by an IGP? The answer is …

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OSPF & IS-IS Router ID

When you think about Router ID in any link state protocol  two requirements come to mind: Each router must be identified by a Router ID and an Area to exist in. This Router ID must be unique inside a single IGP domain. IS-IS refers to the this ID as a …

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Eman in Cairo

On March 17th the CCIE Agent Eman will be arriving to Cairo.  He will be in Cairo for a Cisco sponsored HR Talent Forum and Job Fair.  He will be interested in hearing from those CCIE and Network engineers who would like to meet with Cisco Channel Partners for interviews …

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